Oops, I Take That Back + {Super Orange Juice}

Remember in this post when I told you I would start posting twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays and set this great plan in motion? Well, oops... I take that back. I mean, I still agree with the intention. But I really can't hold myself to that specific of a schedule because life just has a way of getting in the way. And blogging will always be second to taking care of my family. Babycakes got sick right before Easter. It started with the highest fever she's ever had (104.2!!!) and yet she was absolutely chilled and begging for more blankets. We were out of children's tylenol or motrin, so Dear Hubby had to venture out to 3 different stores to find some. Remember we live in the boonies?! It went up and down for a few days and then we discovered she had a terrible ear infection. We missed school. We missed work. We missed taekwondo. We missed dance. We missed seeing friends. And I missed a blogpost or two. It's just how life is right now. And I need that flexibility.

Introducing Super Orange Juice:

I figure it's better late than never! This juice is sooooooooo worth the wait, I promise.

I love that it's:

  • bursting with flavor
  • refreshing
  • light
  • sweet
  • packed with veggies
  • overflowing with vitamin C

With the frequency of juicing I do and the number of juice recipes I share, you probably think Babycakes downs the stuff regularly. But that really isn't the case. This is her favorite drink, not juice. And though she's often brave enough to try one sip of every juice I create, she never really drinks more than that. Until this Super Orange Juice... 

She drank almost a cup of it before taekwondo and asked me for more later that evening...which I consider a major success! So, say yes to all that beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin A -- your body will thank you!!

This juice is part of my "Juicing the Rainbow" series. So if you happened to miss them, be sure to check out:

Super Orange Juice


Super Orange Juice // via Nosh and Nourish


Large Sweet Potato (peeled)
Oranges (peeled)
Carrots (tops removed)
Orange Bell Pepper (stem removed)
Apple (cored / seeds removed)


  1. Chop all ingredients small enough to fit through your juicer chute. 
  2. Juice everything. 
  3. Enjoy!

Yields 48 Ounce